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"Sounds of the Singing School" (1877)
(Round in 5 five parts.)
by Philip Paul Bliss, 1838-1876

Divide the class into five divisions and number them,
(make two divisions of Soprano or any part that is most
numerous) First division sings first staff alone. When
first division begins second staff, second division begins
piece, second division begins piece. When second division
begins second staff, and first division third division
third staff, third division begins piece, and so on.
Sing the piece through twice, the divisions ending one
after another as they begin, or together at the end of
the staff all singing the word "away." The teacher may
make a vocal training excercise of this by calling out
while singing,--"piano, forte, cres, dim, legato, staccato,
forzando, clear, somber," &c.

Part 1.
Now for a song of the singing school,
And the sounds you there may hear,
Of the do re mi and the G A B
and the voices ringing clear.

Part 2.
la la la la la la la la
la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la
Lines and spaces, clefs and keys,
All must tell with ease.

Part 3.
Keep the time with accent strong,
Full and clear the tones prolong.

Part 4.
Do re me fa so la si do
Is the major scale, you know,
Even, double, triple measure too,
are among the many things we do.

Part 5.
Oh, ah, a, e,
bo, bah, ba, be,
Sit up erect, I say,
Ha, ho, ho,
ha, ha, ha,
Drive dull care away.

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